Lucky-Stars Remix

His goal: to go "new ways". And that's what the native Dutchman put into practice by embarking on a creative journey that culminated in his album "Neue Wege", which was released on January 15, 2021 on Sturm & Klang, Konstantin Wecker's label.

During the production of his new album "Arjon - mal ganz anders" (planned release 2023) - Arjon wrote the song "Glücks Sterne", which was also produced in the English version "Lucky Stars".

Here he describes the fascination, the special, the nature experience that surrounds you when you spend your time on the Hochrindl in the Sternen Berg Resort and in the Sternen Berg Gasthaus, close to the kingdom of heaven.

The Zuagraste - Dutchman loves just as the choice Carinthian Thomas Seitlinger- Thomas Group, the Hochrindl, with its nature, the gentleness of the mountains, with sun and snow. This enthusiasm connects both. As a true Hochrindl fan, Arjon has dedicated the song "Herzensangelegenheit" to the Mittelkärntner ski resort.



Thomas was immediately enthusiastic about Arjon's idea to express the Hochrindl feeling in a song. Sitting comfortably by the fireplace, with a glass of wine in hand and listening in peace ... reflect.

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