Endless Stars - Release beginning of May

DJ Gigi el Amoroso added a special beat to the wonderful sunset atmosphere. Arjon struck up a direct conversation with Gigi through his music.

During the evening, Gigi listened to a few songs from Arjon and said that if he could think of lyrics in English, he would be happy to create a remix of the acoustic version.

A few more years had to pass, also due to Corona, and when the two met again in 2022, they started pursuing this idea directly. In the meantime,

Arjon could also look back on a considerable portfolio of specially written and composed songs and Gigi was immediately hooked on the song "Lucky Stars".

Gigi's remix version of the song is unique, he interprets the song and the lyrics in such a special way that a new title had to be found: "Endless Stars".


The song originally in an acoustic version, now in remix style.



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